Techeetah Manchester City Deal explained

The Manchester City Football Club logos appeared on the front wing flaps on the Techeetah car in Hong Kong, as the same Chinese investors that have invested Manchester City are also involved with the Techeetah Formula E Team. 

The sponsorship deal should see the Techeetah Formula E team be advertised at Manchester City’s home ground the Etihad stadium, with Manchester City’s logo featuring on the Techeetah car at all 12 races of the Formula E calendar.

Back in 2015, Manchester City sold a 13% stake to Chinese investor group called Chinese Media Capital (CMC). The aim of the deal was to grow the football clubs popularity in East Asia.

Another Chinese company called SECA were the main Chinese investors in the Techeetah Formula E team, but back in January 2016, CMC invested over 100 million US dollars into SECA to try and help promote sporting activities, brands and marketing in China.

CMC President Li Ruigang said back in January 2016, “China’s sports industry has entered a golden era and is developing at a high speed. We believe, that within a few years, we will see significant innovative development in native Chinese sports events, brands, personnel, marketing and even operating systems.”

Therefore, that’s is why Manchester City’s logo appears on the Techeetah front wing and it is expected that the Techeetah logo will be placed on the dynamic build boards at city’s home ground.

This is not the first time that Football and motorsport have come together in a sponsorship deal. As the Sauber Formula One Team had a partnership with Chelsea Football Club from 2011 to 2013.

Also, the Caterham Formula One team owned by Queens Park Rangers (QPR) owner  Tony Fernandes featured the QPR logo on his Formula One car.

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