Pre Race Penalties for Vergne and Guiterrez and Engel


Jean-Eric Vergne will take a three-place grid penalty for the Mexican ePrix, due to full course yellow infringement during the shakedown session. Maro Engel will take a ten place grid penalty for a gearbox change.

Vergne was disappointed when he was called to the stewards after the shakedown session for the infringement. The French driver drove at 170kW during a full course yellow test instead of 110kW, which is the permitted power mode for the shakedown session.

“I don’t understand why I have been given a penalty,” said Vergne on Formula E’s Chat E show.” We did a full course yellow test, and I did some measurements at 170kW which is the full course yellow speed, but because we can only go 110kW I got a penalty.

“I was only at 170kW for two seconds, but they said my lap used 40kW more than I should have. So the FIA gave me a three-place penalty.” 

“Gutierrez will also have a three-place grid penalty because he did the same as me, so it will be difficult for us tomorrow,” explained Vergne. 

Engel had to take a ten-place grid penalty for a gearbox change. The German had two failures n qualifying and the race in Buenos Aires which has forced the change.

“It is not ideal,” said Engel. “It had to be done for reliability reasons. So not the best way to start the weekend, but if we work hard, we can still have a positive result.” 

Stephane Sarrazin has also been given a ten place grid drop for changing his gearbox as well.

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