Rosenqvist ripped his radio out of his ears

Felix Rosenqvist had to endure the second half of the Monaco ePrix without any radio communication to his team after he ripped the cable out of his ears during the car swap. 

During the Mahindra driver’s pit stop, the radio cable that is plugged into the driver’s ears before the race got stuck as Rosenqvist left his first car causing the cable to rip out of his ears and go through his helmet, which meant he had no way to recover it.

“I ripped out my radio in the pit stop,” said Rosenqvist. “When I jumped out of the car, a cable got stuck somewhere in the car, and they just ripped out of my ear and went through the helmet as well.

“It was quite painful as well. Hopefully, that won’t happen again, but these things can happen. “So I had to do the whole second stint without a radio which was really challenging. 

“Especially in Formula E when you need to communicate a lot with your team. So I am satisfied with the points,” said Rosenqvist. 

Communicating with the team

Throughout the second stint of the race, The 25-year old had to rely on the pit board’s he saw at the end of each lap to get his car to the finish.

However, Rosenqvist was delighted with how smoothly his race went without the use of the radio, as he was able to manage his energy well through the second stint to see the chequered flag.

“It was very diffcult, but the second stint was perfect really. As I manged to get a good communication with the team on the pit boards. 

“We have practised for scenarios where the radio does not work. So the team did an excellent job in helping me and telling me what to do. We have our language on the pit board which helped. So I need to thank them for saving my life today,” said Rosenqvist.

The race with Engel

Rosenqvist spent the majority of the race staring at the back of Maro Engel’s gearbox during the Monaco ePrix. However, the Swede was disappointed with his start to the race which saw him lose two positions.

“We were bit stuck behind Engel today, but firstly at the start of the race I decide to stay on the inside line, but it didn’t work. As my teammate, Nick Heidfeld was able to go around the outside and gain three positions, and I lost two or three at the start.

“That was a bit frustarting. Then I was stuck behind Engel for the rest of the race. He did a good job at defending and that what you have to do in Monaco as it is very diffcult to overtake.

We all knew that, so track position and strategy was extremely important. But we had to go for the same strategy under the safety car.  So I just could not find a way through,” explained Rosenqvist.

The Mahindra driver now sits seventh in the driver standings after five rounds with 28 points.



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