I don’t think I was in the Wrong: Rosenqvist

Felix Rosenqvist is unsure why he got a penalty for the unsafe release as the Swedish driver believes it was Nick Heidfeld that caused the Swedish driver to stop not the other way round. 

The 25-year old felt robbed of a double victory after the two Mahindra drivers nearly came together in the pit lane. Somehow, Rosenqvist was able to maintain the lead of the race despite the near miss.

However, the Mahindra driver is unsure why he received the penalty for the incident as it was Heidfeld that caused him to stop.

“The pit stop. First of all, a ten-second penalty seems really harsh when other unsafe releases have been five seconds.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong. I didn’t stop Nick; Nick stopped me from getting out. To be honest, I don’t think there was anyone to blame as it was just a mix-up. 

“I was always behind him, so how can I stop him. So I am not sure why I got a penalty for that because I was obstructed by him, but it shouldn’t have even happened anyway. It’s a shame the race was decided with a penalty, but that is how it goes sometimes,” explained Rosenqvist. 

Positive weekend

Despite the frustration, Rosenqvist is still looking to the positives of the weekend, which he believes he can take forward into New York and Montreal.

“In a couple of hours, I suppose I will look at this weekend as a fantastic weekend for the team. However, at the moment it is very disappointing because it would have been cool to take a double win. 

“Every session we have been up there in and the weekend has been really smooth. We battled hard against Buemi because we knew that he would be quick and good on energy, but we managed to do a perfect job,” added Roseenqvist.  

Di Grassi agrees

Lucas Di Grassi also agreed with the views Rosenqvist had on the penalty. As the Brazilian felt it was a similar situation to what happened to him in Buenos Aires when he was penalised for something that was out of his control.

“I agree with what Felix said about his penalty, I am not sure why he got a penalty for it, but I can sympathise with him as I had something similar in Buenos Aires where I was penalised.

“So I know how frustrating it can be. We want to be able to race, but sometimes these penalties are not consistent which makes it much harder for us,” Di Grassi explained. 

The result has helped move Rosenqvist up to third in the driver’s standings with 86 points his strong showing in Berlin.


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