Buemi aiming to do Saturday New York Race

Sebastien Buemi is looking to race in the Saturday event in New York to minimise the number of points he could lose in the championship fight over Lucas Di Grassi and Felix Rosenqvist. 

However, the Swiss driver understands that if his Toyota teams perform’s well at the Le Mans 24 hour race, which is double points in the World Endurance Championship. He would miss both races in New York rather than trying to compete in one race.

Special Access

“I would like to try and race in the Saturday race in New York,” said Buemi. “However, it all depends on how we do in Le Mans. If we do well, it is likely that I will miss both events. 

“If we fail to finish or we lose out to Porshe then maybe there is a chance I can do the Saturday race and then fly back to do the race at the Nurburgring. 

“However, I would need special access from the FIA to not qualify for the race, but still take part in it. So after Le Mans, I am going to sit down with Toyota to discuss what we can do,” said Buemi. 

“32 points, not enough”

Buemi also believes that his 32 points lead over Di Grassi is not sufficient to keep the Renault e.Dams driver in the lead of the championship when Buemi rejoins for the final two races in Montreal.

“Of course 32 points is not enough. Di Grassi could win both races, and I will have a lot of catching up to do. However, sadly it is out of my control what happens in New York.  

“I have just tried to focus on scoring as many points as possible, so I had a good chance of staying at the top in the standings. 

“It was a shame that I got disqualified on Saturday. As the gap would have been roughly the same amount of points that I came into the Berlin with, which may have been enough to keep my lead,” explained Buemi. 

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