Testing What we’ve learnt so far


We’ve had two exciting days of testing in Valencia, and we have started to dissect what we can expect from season four with one day left of testing to go. 

The closest season yet

We could be in for one of the closest season’s of Formula E since it first began, as all the team have evolved their packages for this season ahead of the major regulation changes coming for season five.

The developed packages have seemed to brought the field much closer together as the field is within two seconds of each other.

This is promising at this early stage of the season, as we could see a number of surprise results if the likes of Renault e.Dams and Audi Formula E have a bad day, as those two teams look strong already.

Four teams could challenge for the title 

Both Mahindra Racing and Ds Virgin Racing seemed to have improved on their strong end to last season and should be able to test Audi Formula E and Renault e.Dams for the title this year.

There is still one day of testing to go, which will see the teams push their car a bit more to try and work out where they could be if they were to line up on the grid this Saturday in Hong Kong.

So it will be interesting to see how close the times are when the chequered flag falls for testing, as we will have a real indication of how tight this championship could be.

Jaguar making significant steps forward  

Jaguar Racing look like they have made big steps forward after a solid first season in Formula E. Both Mitch Evans and Nelson Piquet Jr were consistently running throughout the first two days.

If the British team can maintain this form going into Hong Kong. The team look set to be fighting for points finishes on a regular basis.

Struggling teams 

Venturi has had a difficult start to season four, as their car seems to be unreliable. Venturi is trialling out different drivers for their race seat, but both Edoardo Mortara and James Rossiter only managed 11 and 12 laps in during the afternoon session on day two.

The Venturi car also looked off the pace compared to the midfield runners of the MS&AD Andretti team and the NIO Formula E team.

The Monégasque team will be looking to try and find a bit more pace on the final day of testing.

Dragon Racing is also the other team that seems to be struggling. Jerome D’Ambrosio was able to push the car towards the top five at various points throughout the session, but the team would struggle to keep up when the lap times got faster at the end of the day.

The positive thing for the American team is that their car is reliable, as they completed 89 laps between their two driver Neel Jani and D’Ambrosio on day two.

With one more day to go in the test sessions. It will be interesting to see how close the gaps are when the chequered flag falls on Thursday evening. As the teams will be looking to work out where they would be on the grid if they were to start the Hong Kong race this Saturday.



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