BMW providing extra support to Andretti

With BMW becoming a full manufacturer in season five. The German manufacturer has confirmed that they are providing extra support to the Andretti Formula E team. 
The Andretti Formula E team will be equipped with a BMW drivetrain in season five and will be run by as BMW’s works entry in the series.

Even though the entry is about a year away, BMW is already providing additional technical support to its partner, MS Amlin Andretti. As BMW engineers will be embedded in the race team as well, although it will still be predominantly Andretti staff in season four.

“It was a really disappointing season last year, we can’t hide that,” said Antonio Felix da Costa who is also a contracted BMW driver. 

“We want to get out of that position. But we have to be realistic. It wasn’t an easy off-season if I’m honest, we had a few technical issues.

“There has been some big, big changes and massive help from BMW after that. I don’t know why that was made but I’m really glad that happened.

“Looking at what we have now, and all the effort coming from BMW, earlier than what I was expecting, is nice,” Da Costa said to

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