Rookies help Jaguar prepare for the Santiago ePrix


 Jaguar Racing believe that they have made good progress in the Marrakesh rookie test with Paul Di Resta and Pietro Fittipaldi.

Both drivers experienced Formula E for the first time and assisted the British team in continuing their development of the Jaguar I-TYPE 2.

Paul Di Resta completed 71 laps, finishing fourth fastest of the day; Pietro Fittipaldi completed a total of 60 laps, finishing second quickest overall.

British driver di Resta was eager to discover how a Formula E car worked and was impressed with his experience.

“It’s the first time I’ve been to an E-Prix, and it’s the first time I’ve driven a Formula E car. I came in with a very open mind trying to understand more how the cars operate and understand the championship,” explained di Resta.

“When you see how exciting the racing was yesterday and how unpredictable it can be I definitely think the format and the way it works is appealing.

“This is the way this generation of the automotive industry is going, so there is interest and more manufacturers coming. So I’m excited to see where it’s going. How technology can move on in motor racing is quite incredible, and equally, in ten years’ time I’m sure it will be a very different car to the one I’m driving now,” added the Scotsman.

“Piquet Jr. has been a big help” -Fittipaldi 

Pietro Fittipaldi feels his test has redressed many misconceptions he had about the series, and appreciated how Nelson Piquet Jr. helped him prepare for his rookie test.

“It’s really opened my eyes to the championship. Nelson Piquet Jr. is a great friend of mine, and he’s been helping me today. I was most surprised by the amount of power the cars have,” said Fittipaldi.

Fittipaldi added: “The Jaguar I-TYPE 2 is running really well, especially on the street circuit over bumps and curves. The amount of technology behind the cars, and how hard the team are pushing to develop the car is amazing. It’s the highest standard I’ve seen, and I’m excited to be here.” 

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