Venturi looking to learn from mistakes in Santiago

Venturi enter the Mexican ePrix weekend in the hope that they won’t have similar setup issues that they endured throughout the Santiago ePrix. 

The Monégasque team suffered in the heat in Chile as both Maro Engel and Edorado Mortar had cooling issues throughout the day in Santiago.

“We are coming off the back of a difficult weekend in Santiago,” said Mortara. “We weren’t up to scratch. It will be important for us to get back in the game with a fresh boost. We need to avoid errors and make sure that we get ourselves organised while staying competitive.”

This years event will feature an extra two laps compared with the 2017 race. Team Owner Gildo Pastor expects the extra two laps to put a strain on all the teams in Mexico.

“The length of the race has been extended. This makes it a real challenge for the teams. Our technical director Franck Baldet has worked with engineering staff to reassess our energy strategy for Mexico,” said Pastor.

Looking at the positives from last season. 

Engel is hopeful that his Venturi car will be competitive again in Mexico after a positive qualifying session in 2017, which was later undone b a gearbox change.

“Last year we did really well here in the qualifying sessions. We had the second fastest time before being given a penalty for a gearbox change. I hope that we’ll achieve equally good results again this year. The whole team deserves to rake in the points,” said Engel.

The Venturi Formula E team is currently lying sixth in the ABB Formula E championship team standings. The tea, aim to draw on the positive experience from the Hong Kong ePrix to move forward in the championship.


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