FIA make changes to car change procedure


The FIA has sent teams a letter of clarification of what is expected of them during the car swap to increase safety standards. 

In Santiago the FIA took away the minimum pit stop time, making it a race in the pitlane to get drivers out as quickly as possible.

However, a number of mechanics have been injured as the cars moved away, which has lead to the following safety procedures being introduced for the Rome ePrix and onwards.

Safety features 

“Drivers are now not allowed to remove the steering wheel before they have come to a stop, drivers must not unbuckle themselves before the car has stopped. “

“Once stepping into the second car. The mechanics cannot begin to buckle up the driver before they have fully sat down in the cockpit,”  read the FIA document

To ensure that the safety features are being implemented, the FIA are installing cameras in the garages of each team. FIA officials will montoir the cameras which will be displayed in Race Control, and could be reviewed and analysed after the race if necessary.

Two cameras will be provided per team, which must be installed above each of the second cars during the car change.


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