High temperatures causing Venturi issues: Mortara


Venturi driver Edoardo Mortara admitted that their car struggles when the air temperatures are high, as the car performs better in cooler conditions. 

Mortara was three laps away from winning the second Hong Kong ePrix of the season after the 31-year-old spun, and finished third.  However, the Swiss-Italian driver has not been able to achieve anything similar so far this campaign.

The high temperatures in South America caused Venturi issues as they were unable to find the same performance level that they had in Hong Kong. Mortara hopes that the cooler climates possible in Europe can help the team get back into the points.

“We have had our highs and lows this season,” stated Mortara. “Obviously, Hong Kong was a massive high for the team despite the mistake from me.

“There is a lot of potential in our car; it is just about unlocking it and understanding it. The South Amercian race weekends were hot, and we don’t work well at high temperatures.

“We have tried hard to find out why this is, but I don’t think we have fixed it yet. Of course, we would love more race results like in Hong Kong.

However, this has not been the case, and we need to learn from it. It looks like it will be hot in Rome this weekend. So that may not be good for us,” added Mortara.

Venturi has been working on developing their simulator to try and help understand the issues that they are having, and Mortara believes they are starting to see the benefits of that.

“As drivers, we do a lot of work in the simulator, and that is vital to the race weekend, especially when you are arriving at a track you have never been to before it is important to have the correct correlations from the simulator to the track. Otherwise, you spend the whole day chasing the setup.

“We have made good progress with the simulator this season, which has helped us, find the setup of the car quicker compared to the start of the season.”


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