Susie Wolff becomes team principal at Venturi


Former Williams racing driver Susie Wolff will become Venturi’s team principal from season five onwards. 

Wolff, has also become a shareholder in the Monaco-based FE team and is looking forward to starting her new chapter in her racing career.

“When I decided to stop as a professional driver in 2015, I knew that I wanted to continue with the challenge of competitive racing, just not behind the wheel,” said Wolff.

“You can’t just switch off your competitive instincts when you stop driving and that determination and desire to achieve still burns brightly inside me.

“I took time to carefully decide the right direction for that challenge and I have now found the perfect next step.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Gildo [Pastor, Venturi CEO and founder], who is rightly recognised as a pioneer in electric automobiles and who saw the potential of the series from the very beginning.

“He has built a strong team that has earned its place on the Formula E grid and features many talented people who I’m excited to work with.

Team owner Pastor explained that hiring is part of an expansion program that Venturi are undertaking to become a stronger force in the Formula E Championship.

The first stage of that expansion program was launching its Next Gen young electric driver academy, agreeing to supply the incoming HWA squad with a Gen2 powertrain and signing ex-F1 racer Felipe Massa for the 2018/19 season.

“I am delighted to welcome Susie on board as team principal and shareholder,” Pastor said.

“Her energy and expertise will help us to grow by strengthening the team and introducing a new approach to management.

“Thanks to her personal experience, Susie takes a unique strategic view of the team, the championship and motor racing in general.

“She will certainly lead the Venturi Formula E team to the top.

“Her desire to become a shareholder illustrates an unwavering commitment, which warms my heart.

“Venturi and the Venturi Formula E Team are proud to welcome Susie at a key moment in the history of the group.”

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