Atlanta Set for Round 5 of Formula E Championship


Atlanta in the United States of America looks set to host the valentine’s day Formula E race next year. However, Atlanta have stiff competition as Vancouver and Mexico City are also wanting to host round five of the championship.

Vancouver are the only city out of the three named who have publicly declared their interest in holding a Formula E race, but yesterday our sources had found out that Atlanta have been in contact with Formula E and that an agreement is ready to be made by Formula E to Atlanta’s city government.

We believe that the negotiations of this deal are still in the early stages of development, and it could be more than likely that Atlanta may host an eprix in the second Formula E Championship by either replacing a venue or adding a venue to the calendar.

One of the advantages of going to Atlanta is that they already have the facilities available to host a race. Therefore, they may only need to make a slight modification to the track and the facilities to bring it up to FIA standards.

On the other hand if the race goes to Atlanta then it would be the third race out of ten to be held in the United States of America. There is also two races in South America, so half of the championship will take place in the Americas.

To add another twist in the tail a picture was released today that showed Mexico City will host round five of the championship but the FIA have yet to respond to the media about its validity.

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