We Can’t Race in the Wet: Bruno Senna

bruno senna

Bruno Senna has revealed the car will be “undriveable” in wet conditions. The Brazilian driver explained that if rain was too full during a eprix or before any eprix then the race is likely to be delayed or stopped.

Michelin have provided all Formula E teams with an all weather tyre for this season’s championship. The idea of this is to stop drivers pitting for wet tyres in order to allow the drivers to adapt to the new conditions.

However, in the first ever shakedown test at Donington the track was soaked in water. ” We tried going out to set a few lap times but the car was undriveable. It always felt like we were going to crash” said the Brazilian driver.

Senna revealed that teams do have a set of Monsoon tyres available, but they only give grip when the track is extremely wet. The monsoon tyre will not cope with intermediate conditions.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the track is hit by a rain shower or rainstorm; sources indicate that the race could be either moved to the following morning or half points could be ordered.


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