China was a great start for the Andretti team with Franck in second and Charles in fourth, but what was your reaction when you saw Franck nearly force Charles into the wall on Lap 1?

 I was very relieved that the two cars didn’t have contact, Franck’s car was on the dirty part of the track and was sliding and it did get very close!

 Obviously Racing Cars can be prone to overheating, but it is so important to keep the battery cool in Formula E. How did you try and maintain the batteries temperature throughout Round 1, and if the battery did start to overheat how would you manage the situation? 

Battery temperature management is one of the important parts of the race strategy and our battery did not overheat in Beijing.  Sorry I can’t be more specific as this is part of our winning team strategy! 

Are you planning on making your own car for season two. If so will you make your own battery and electric motor?

At Andretti Formula E Team we are not producing a totally new car for season two, but we are looking at improving the current Spark car.

How Important is getting the strategy right this season with the limitations on car development this season?

Strategy is crucial to winning the race as at present all cars are the same.

We have two races at the moment in the United States. How do you think the American audience will respond to Formula E?

I hope with great interest. It is very close racing with exiting overtaking manoeuvres and a high standard of driver ability. We are all looking forward to racing in the USA.

 How do you think the innovations that Formula E are making with regards to the battery and the electric motor will be implemented in the future?

I am sure that these developments will be implemented into future road cars.

 In terms of set-ups what approach would you take to a street circuit rather than a normal track circuit?

Street circuits are bumpier so the setup is softer, with more downforce.

 Malaysia is known for its high humidity. How will the humidity affect the performance of the car?

The problem that may arise is that we may not be able to quickly lower the temperature of the battery to enable us to recharge it.