Formula E Wants to Have its own Feeder Series

feeder series

Formula E are hopeful that they can help create a couple of feeder series for younger drivers to progress into the sport.

Alejandro Agag believes that Formula E is not in the ladder that helps a driver get the experience they need to progress into the pinnacle of motorsport.

The Formula E CEO thinks that Formula E is a step after Formula One, but this does not mean that the Formula E grid will be full of ageing drivers, as Formula One drivers as young as 22 are finding it hard to stay in the sport. Therefore, Formula E will provide another form of open wheel racing for these drivers to fall back into.

As well as this, Formula E will also give young drivers an opportunity to race in open wheel racing, if they don’t have the budget to compete in GP3 or GP2 on their way to Formula One, or simply if they don’t have the financial backing to race in Formula One.

This is why Alejandro Agag is hopeful that Formula E can set up a feeder series to help young drivers progress into Formula E.

“Formula E is not in the same ladder that helps drivers get into Formula One as the style of driving is totally different.”

“At the moment, Formula E is at the top of our pyramid, but there is nothing behind us at the moment, but there will be one day. We already have electric go karts and there will be racing series behind Formula E that will be fully electric,” said Alejandro Agag.

Although, it seems it will be a difficult task to find a suitable time window to fit all these events into one day. Therefore, these racing series are more than likely going to have to take part on actual racing circuits, as it will be improbable to have a number of racing series racing on the same track on the same day.

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