Charge enters RoboRace

Charge, an automotive start-up that develops revolutionary range-extended electric powertrains for buses and commercial vehicles, has announced that it will partner with Formula E to be a part of its support series RoboRace.

Charge will be on hand throughout the Formula E championship season as the official electric truck partner to provide trucks and equipment for the pre-race drivers’ parade, for the event of accidents when it will assist with the emergency recovery of racing vehicles and for the transportation of visitors of the Formula E championship around the E-Village and its facilities.

Denis Sverdlov, Founder of Kinetik who partnered Formula E in the project o creating RoboRace, said: “Formula E, and its associated Roborace with its groundbreaking technology, is a celebration of the exciting developments that are transforming the automotive industry at the moment, and this partnership is another sign that Charge is at the forefront of these developments”.

He added: “I passionately believe that, shortly, all of the world’s vehicles will be powered by electricity, thus transforming the environment and road safety. This championship will humanise the technological revolution by introducing an element of dynamic competition that can be shared with millions of people around the world. I am proud that Charge is helping make this a reality.”

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