Jaguar Racing driver Adam Carroll revealed that the team only focused on the reliability of their car throughout the six days at Donington Park to prepare for the season ahead. 

The British team are the first new team to enter Formula E since it’s inaugural season in 2014/2015, which leaves the team two years behind the rest of the field in terms of knowledge and understanding of how a Formula E car works and what to expect at each race.

Carroll stated that the team had to work on the reliability of the car over the six days of testing ahead of a tough season where they need to learn how to approach each event to get the most out of the car.

“Testing went well for us, we have been very reliable and got a lot of miles under our belts. Our main focus was reliability and gathering as much data as we could ahead of the season.

“Hong Kong is going to be completely different to Donington, there is going to be walls, and the track is going to be bumpy. The track length is only 1.9km, whereas Donington is four kilometres.

“We are effectively two years behind the competition, so we had to collect as much data about the car as we could, to put ourselves in with a chance of being competitive from the first race. We have a great group of people working with us, and we will develop quickly and get stronger and stronger with every race we do,” said the Northern Irish racer.

Carroll was close to driving for Team Aguri at the Berlin ePrix last season. The 33-year old was submitted to the FIA as a driver for the German round of the championship, but complications off track and an approach from Jaguar to race this season stopped him from racing.

“I have been trying to get into Formula E from the start. I was one of the original drivers on the driver’s club, but the opportunities did not really come around. Yes, I was supposed to, or meant to drive in Berlin with Team Aguri, but it the end I couldn’t, as I was getting calls from Jaguar about this season, and other thing progressed a certain way that stopped me from racing sadly,” said Carroll.

The first race of the season is now edging ever nearer, as the season gets underway in Hong Kong on October 9th.