Previewing the Hong Kong ePrix

The third season of the Formula E championship is only days away as Hong Kong plays host to the first round of the championship. 

The Hong Kong central front harbour street circuit is the first track that the teams have to master, as all ten teams look to start their season positively.

The circuit is 1.860Km long, which features ten corners. The track features ten turns, two of which are tight hairpins, and a 555-metre straight, which should provide a key opportunity for overtaking. The race distance is 45 laps, which is equivalent to 83.7km that the cars will travel around the Hong Kong circuit.

Sector by Sector

Sector one includes the start-finish straight which goes into a tight hairpin at turn one. This corner will be crucial in qualifying and the race as it leads onto the 555-metre straight.

So a good exit in qualifying will maximise the speed on the straight to get the best lap time, whereas a good exit in the race may allow the driver in front to break the slipstream along the straight to avoid being overtaken into turn two.

The second sector becomes much tighter as the drivers will have to negotiate a series of chicanes, hairpin and long swooping corners. This sector will likely be the deciding sector in qualifying, as the cars need to be extremely well balanced to maximise corner entry and corner exit speeds.

The final portion of the track becomes a little bit more relaxed, as the track takes on a more fluid nature to end the lap. The last corner will be the most important corner in this sector, as it is a quick left hander which if taken correctly will allow the drivers to maximise their chances of making an overtaking move into turn one.

Main Overtaking Chances  

The two main overtaking places of the Hong Kong circuit are at turn one and turn two. However, there is a chance that a move into turn six in front of the observation wheel will be possible if a driver can stay close to the car in front through turns three, are four and five, an overtaking move on the inside of the corner could be possible.


The Hong Kong ePrix will provide a stunning backdrop to start the Formula E season, and the track looks like it will provide an entertaining race to kick off the season.

We will soon find out if anyone can take the fight to Renault e.Dams this season. The new Chinese outfit is running the same powertrain as last season’s team champions, which should make them competitive this season, but will Audi Sport ABT be strong again this season?. Will Ds Virgin Racing be able to fight at the front more consistently? How will Formula E’s  newest team Jaguar fair this season?

There are so many unanswered questions that may be answered once the chequered flag falls on Sunday.

You can ride onboard a virtual lap of the Hong Kong circuit here 

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