Looking at the Sim Racers Part One- Graham Carroll

On January 7th, Formula E will be holding their first eRace in Las Vegas, which sees all 20 Formula E drivers battle it out against ten sim racers that have qualified to enter the race.

After four qualifying races to get get to this stage, Graham Carroll emerged victorious after leading the driver’s championship and the Brit has now become one of the favourites to win the eRace and claim the $200,000 prize fund, writes Cloud Sport commentator Edward Hunter.

Carroll will drive for DS Virgin Racing and has recently been doing some extra practice at the Let’s Race simulator centre along with teammate Sam Bird.

Carroll,26 is also an aspiring racing car driver who drives for Apex Racing Uk. The Scot was formerly a national champion in Formula Ford 1600 back in 2008. Unfortunately, due to financial issues which curse many drivers coming through the ranks he has not been able to race full-time.

Although in 2015, he did win the prestigious Walter Hayes Trophy at Silverstone. After struggling to find the money to go racing, Carroll dedicated his time to the far more cost-effective world of Sim Racing.

The 26-year old was also given a test in the real Formula E car during the Marrakesh weekend as a prize from Formula E, which makes him the only sim racer actually have experience of driving the real car.

How did Carroll fair on the race track 

Carroll really threw the kitchen sink at the Road to Vegas Challenge, and it showed. He led comfortably in Long Beach and won first time out, but it wasn’t all plain sailing.

Paris was a challenging round as Carrol’s wheel failed while making a pit stop from the lead in the semi-
finals. Although it was fixed within 15 seconds, it was enough to drop Carroll from a top four start to 12th on the grid. In a difficult

In a difficult race, Carrol salvaged 10th after an opportunist overtake on Aleksi Elomaa. Berlin saw Carroll qualify for the eRace in Vegas after he had secured 2nd place to qualify for the Vegas race.

In London Graham was fired up after a grid penalty for crossing the white line on pit exit lost him two places, but he regained them in dramatic fashion early on with a dive up the inside on Petar Brljak on lap one.

On lap two he took advantage of Greger Huttu slowing to let Aleksi Ussi-Jaakola through to put on an audacious move around the outside at the Millennium chicane.

There are also quite a few other drivers that will have a strong probability of winning the eRace and they are Greger Huttu and Olli Pahkala, but we will analyse their performances in later articles.



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