Olli Pakhlala wins the Vegas eRace

Olli Pakhala has taken the $200,000 jackpot for winning the Vegas eRace in frontĀ of Bons Huis and Felix Rosneqvist.

The Finnish driver also claimed the fastest lap of the race which secured an extra $10,000 for the 27-year old.

Felix Rosenqvist drove superbly and was by far the best pro driver in the virtual world and claimed $50,000 for himself.

The race was delayed by 30 minutes due to technical issues, which caused the race to become a 20 laps raher than a 28 lap race.

However, once we finally got underway, it was Huis who lead the way from Rosenqvist, who was under presuure from Alessi-Ussi Jaakkola who was pressuring the Sweedish driver in the opening laps.

Patrick Holzmann raceĀ ended at the end of the first lap, as he hit the wall on the exit of the last corner taking Antonio Felix Da Costa into the wall with him.

The battle for third between Ussi-Jaakkola, Graham Carroll and David Greco. Greco was pushing Carroll hard, and a few errors crept in for the Scotsman, but Greco could not overtake the Ds Virgin Racing driver.

With everyone running the same setup, it was extremely difficult for any driver to gain an advantage and find a way through.

As we hit lap 10, there was a massive crash going into to turn one, as Carroll and Greco crashed into each other as the Scotsman was trying to defend his position, which dropped both of them outside of the top ten.

Rosneqvist started to close in on Huis in the closing stages of the race, as Huis started to fall off the pace as the Swedish driver had gained three seconds in two laps.

Once the top two pitted, they both lost out to Pahkala who had pitted early and posted some blistering lap times to leapfrog Rosenqvist and Huis.

In the final five laps of the race, there was a good battle between Ussi-Jaakkola and Enzo Bonito, and Bonito was able to get through in the final three laps of the race to move into fourth place.

However, no one could stop Pakhlala once he secured the lead of the race, and he comfortably secured the first ever Vegas eRace victory.





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