Mahindra Racing was on course for another strong finish in Buenos Aires, but technical errors and pit stop problems cost the team a big haul of points. 

Both Felix Rosenqvist and Nick Heidfeld managed their energy management well in the first stint, and both were able to stay out an extra lap compared to the rest of the field.

However, the pit stop window was the team downfall, as Rosenqvist suffered a battery system error which left him in the pits for over a minute, while Heidfeld was a second under the 55 second minimum pit time, which resulted in a drive-through penalty.

“We are disappointed with the result because it is not reflective of what Mahindra can do,” said Dilbagh Gill Mahindra’s Team Principal

“We demonstrated the pace of the car, but qualifying is becoming really important in this championship. Overall, Felix drove a fantastic race and picked up the fastest lap again showing the M3Electro is where it needs to be.

“Nick’s energy strategy was also really good, and he was on track for a strong top seven finish after starting in P12 if it wasn’t for the minimum pit timing issue. We now must look towards the next race in Mexico City and continue to aim for the top step of the podium.”

Rosnenqvist was left disappointed after the race, as the young Swede felt that a top five finish was possible before the battery management issue happened during the car swap.

“The race ended in a little bit of frustration for us here in Buenos Aires. It went really well in the first stint on a very long strategy working to save a lot of energy, but we were still really strong lap time-wise,” said Rosenqvist

“We were aiming for the top five, we had planned to do a really quick second stint, but in the pit stop, we had a BMS error that meant that the car wouldn’t start. The only thing we could do was push for the fastest lap of the race. It’s one point to take away, but still very frustrating to lose a stronger finish.”

Heidfeld was also disappointed by being unable t score any points. The German driver was looked on course for finishing in P7, but the drive-through penalty for being under the pit stop minimum time ended any hope of points.

“It was a disappointing day finishing outside the points,” said Heidfeld. “We were strong in free practice, but qualifying was not optimal. However, we still had a chance to score some good points during the race.

“I went to lap 20 in the first stint, one lap longer than most of the field, with more energy in the second car I caught them quickly and overtook a lot of them. Unfortunately, we undershot the minimum pit time by a tiny margin, but the rule is there for safety reasons.

“After the drive-through penalty, I came out in P15 and almost caught up to the cars in front, but it was not possible to improve on my position.”

Mahindra Racing lies third in the Teams’ Championship and will get its next shot at Formula E honours in six weeks at the Mexico City ePrix on 1 April.