Formula E’s next landing spots?

After a long winter break, Formula E was back with a bang in Buenos Aires, but despite three months away. The sport hasn’t been hibernating regarding finding future venues. 

There have been a lot of rumours circulating over the past three months about where Formula E may land in season four or five. So we have taken a look at how likely those speculations are.

Berlin’s Long Term Home

Before we get into the speculated events, the 2017 Berlin ePrix will be moving back to Tempelhof airport, which staged the inaugural German round of the championship.

The change occurred after the city’s Senate voted against giving Formula E the go-ahead for the planned venue on Karl-Marx-Allee, which held last year’s event.

Luckily, the sport was able to return to the Tempelhof airport in 2017. Now that the refugee situation is improving in Tempelhof – we were told that there are only 700 refugees remained in the hangars of the airport and that they will not affect the event. The exact layout is still being kept secret; we hear rumours from Germany about a five-year contract being with Tempelhof!

The exact layout is still being kept secret; we also hear rumours from Germany about a five-year contract being signed with Tempelhof!

Chance of a race: 10/10

Hamburg Still Possible

In the light of the Berlin ePrix being in serious jeopardy earlier this year, Hamburg’s CDU faction has raised interest in hosting a Formula E race to act as a replacement for Berlin.

The idea was put down surprisingly quickly, though: The traffic obstructions and the noise pollution are not something the governing Green party was in favour of.

However, Formula E insists that there is a possibility that the sport could race there in the future.

Chance of a race: 1/10

Could Rome be on the table 

After a last-minute kick from the 2014/15 calendar, Italy’s capital Rome has yet again expressed interest in hosting a Formula E race. The plan: Setting up an ePrix in the district of Europa (EUR) and hosting the first Rome ePrix in April 2018. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well, residents don’t quite think so. They reacted with protests, demonstrations and a petition concerning the planned race, making the organisation of the ePrix an awful lot more difficult.

EUR is one of Rome’s problem areas with poor social structures and prostitution problems. “Showing the glamour of Formula E in this district would be hypocritical”, an opponent of the race told ‘La Repubblica’.

In spite of all the protests, Virginia Raggi, mayor of Rome, still wants to push the race through. Just this month, she met with members of her city council and Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag. The newspaper later released a layout draft, including 19 turns, plenty of 90-degree corners and a hairpin.

Chance of a race: 4/10

What’s up, Brussels?

The Belgian city looks set to be removed from the calendar before Formula E set off on their European leg of the season. After having to change the location in November, local authorities now agreed that a Brussels ePrix in 2017 is highly unlikely.

In brief, it might only have been an issue of organisation. “We are in favour of organising the race in the Brussels region”, the city’s Transport Minister Pascal Smet tweeted after a meeting with the mayor. “However, we will not be able to race in Koekelberg this year, as the short-term organisation would be too complicated.”

For the time being, it seems highly unlikely that the electric racing series is going to go to Brussels this year. However, a race in the Belgian capital is still on the cards for the fourth season of Formula E.

Chance of a race in 2017: 1/10  Chance of a race in 2018: 7/10

Into the Alps

After over a year of rumours, a race in the home country of Formula E’s reigning champion Sebastien Buemi might come together at last. According to ‘’, plans for an ePrix in Zurich have become very precise in the last couple months.

The German news portal also shared a layout of the circuit, locating the circuit in front of the city’s harbour. “I think we are in a good position”, Roger Tognella, the promoter of the Zurich ePrix, told. “We have already convinced many politicians and stakeholders, but there still are some minor issues which have to be cleared.”

Therefore, the chance of a Zurich ePrix in early 2018 is “pretty good”. Let’s hope for the best!

Chance of a race: 7.5/10

Jumping over the pond

Miami, Long Beach, Las Vegas, New York. Formula E undoubtedly has a key market in the USA. In the last few weeks, a few new names have joined the list. Rumour has it that up to five other cities are interested in hosting a race in the future.

While Alejandro Agag shared a picture of him visiting Chicago on LinkedIn, international media reported on plans concerning races in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Austin.

We have no information on which city might have the best chances, but Formula E has always wanted two races in the US, so it’s almost sure that we will see another race happening in the States.

Chance of a race: 7.5/10

How about Chile?

The list of interested cites does not end. Just last week, our friends from ‘’ shared the news of an interest group from Chile.

A delegation from the South American country seems to have begun discussions with Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag at last weekend’s Buenos Aires ePrix.

The group, led by Chile’s ex-F1 driver Eliseo Salazar, envision a race in the capital Santiago. Both Chile’s Minister of Energy Andres Rebolledo Smittens and Minister of Sports Pablo Squella are understood to be in favour of the race.

However, they need to find investment, which is estimated to be at around 10 million dollars, which would have to come from private sponsorship.

Chance of a race: 4/10

The list of possible contenders for next year’s calendar could go on and on. It will certainly be interesting to see which cities will feature in the first draft of next season’s schedule. The first draft is expected to be released after the FIA WMSC’s meeting on 24 March, but the final version will be shown in June.

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