Jaguar Racing Team Principal James Barclay is ready to take Jaguar through a new challenge that is a double-header. 

The British team have had a steep learning curve to climb to be competitive this season. Lately, the team have started to score points as their knowledge of a race weekend increased, but Barclay is looking forward to gathering more data to help the team improve into season four.

“One of the many unique aspects of each Formula E race weekend is that all the action takes place in one day,” sais Barclay. “This was perhaps the greatest learning curve when we joined the series, and it has required us to plan cool and calmly how we prepare, but also how we communicate and make decisions coolly on what is a very hectic day.

“To complete two race days in a row will be very demanding. However, we are racers, and double-headers offer more opportunities to gather important data and more laps of these terrific circuits in front of the passionate German fans. We are really looking forward to getting to Berlin,” explained Barclay.

Track Surface 

Barclay believes the new track layout won’t help the team too much as Jaguar’s rivals already have knowledge of the abrasive track surface compared to the British team

“As the newest team to join the championship, every race is a huge opportunity to learn more about this unique form of racing. Our competitors have a head start on us but we are learning very quickly, and Adam and Mitch are very passionate about Formula E racing.”
“This circuit will be slightly familiar to the other teams, but the real unknown is the surface, which was a huge talking point in season one. The abrasive surface is very different to the street surfaces the drivers are used to so other teams will have some critical data. We can’t wait to get back to racing in Berlin,” added Barclay.”