Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag has no interest in implementing a gimmick to make the racing more exciting when the sport moves to one car in season five.   

Currently, the car swaps have created a wide variety of strategic options for the teams that have to pit early for damages or taking advantage of an early safety car.

No Gimmicks

However, when the sport moves to one car per race. This strategic element will be lost from the races from season five onwards and Agag does not what to implement a gimmick to force drivers to pit during the race.

“I don’t want to put a gimmick in to help improve the racing in season five,” said Agag.” We will look at ideas to keep the strategy element of the race alive.  

“However, the idea has to make sense to the sport. We can’t just have a pit stop if we don’t need to pit. That would be wrong.

“I am interested in looking at ways the drivers manage their battery consumption and their energy management to help maintain the strategy element of the race,” explained Agag.

Staying with One car

There have also been suggestions that the sport could keep the car swap for season five and have longer races, which Sam Bird thought was a good idea. 

However, Agag insists that the sport will move to one car in season five. As it is the only way to show the progression of the sport and technology.

“We will be moving to one car per race,” added Agag. “We are also looking at implementing wireless charging at each circuit to help the drivers push harder during the race. 

“This could be something that we later use help improve the strategic show of the race. We could see the drivers having to use a charging line instead of the racing line to help regenerate battery charge to allow them to push harder. 

“Although, we would need to find a test city to enable us to place wireless charging points under the road surface. We currently estimate that this work would take four months to complete. 

“However, these charging points would remain in the city which means any electric car that then uses the streets will be able to charge its batteries as it drives along,” added Agag.