Engel: “Formula E has the biggest potential”

Venturi’s Maro Engel is eager to start his second season in Formula E, as the German driver wants to try and use his experience to move the Monegasque team forward. 

Engel only tested the new Venturi car for season four on the final day of testing in Valencia, as he got married two days before.

Despite the lack of running, Engel felt that the car was a step up from last season, but the Valencia circuit was unrepresentative of what the Venturi car will be like in Hong Kong.

“Testing is not easy because as we know, most of the racing happens on street circuits, which are extremely difficult to replicate.

“From the facility side, [Valencia] it’s a great facility. From the choice of track, to be able to collect data, I think it was not the best choice, and I think that’s a sentiment most of the drivers had. The chicanes that were put in were for sure very challenging, but at the same time, they were also quite dangerous, and there were some crashes,” said Engel.

Engel also revealed how impressed he has been with Formula E’s progression and how more drivers are taking the sport more seriously.

“I had a very open opinion already from when I was watching Formula E on TV”, explains Engel. “I knew the high quality of teams and drivers, and the constructors involved”.

“After my first season in Formula E, that impression has only been confirmed”. The German had a first tough season, scoring 16 points and finishing 17th in the standings.

“Formula E is one of the highest forms of motorsports that you can race in, maybe with DTM; after Formula One. If you look at the drivers on the grid, they all have won championships or big titles.”

 “There are colleagues that were smiling a little bit when Formula E was mentioned in the past; but later on, with all the big announcements about big manufacturers joining, all those people who were smiling, are now heavily interested.

Formula E is, for the constructors, the racing series that everyone wants to be part of, but also for the drivers. It’s the series that has the most potential to expand at the moment, and therefore, all my colleagues are taking it very seriously and following it closely,” explained Engel.

The 2017 Hong Kong ePrix will be the start of Engel’s second season in Formula E. He will be joined by fellow DTM star Edoardo Mortara at Venturi. 

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