Montreal’s Mayor Valere Plante has cancelled this year’s Montreal ePrix which means at this present moment New York will host the final two rounds of the season. 

Plante has been looking at moving the eprix to the Gilles Villeneuve circuit, but Formula E cars are currently not designed to race around that type of circuit, which has lead to Plante calling off the race.

Last year’s event cost taxpayers $24 million, which would have been paid over the course of six years. However, as the race was far from profitable for the Montreal government. They decided that they had no alternative but to cancel the event scheduled for the end of July.

Formula E’s biggest hurdle at this present time is finding new cities that will pay the series to host an event. As a large majority of races on the Formula E calendar have no hosting fees.

However, Montreal will now face a huge penalty sum for breaking its three-year deal with Formula E. Although, the city will try and find an alternative location for the 2019 season.