“I’m still fighting for wins and podiums”: Piquet Jr.

Piquet Jr

12 months ago in the streets of Monaco Nelson Piquet Jr. had a race-ending collision with Jean-Eric Vergne, but afterwards, the Brazilian was confident that NIO would be fighting for wins and podiums in season four.

However, a lot can change in those 12 months and Piquet Jr. switched teams to Jaguar Racing, leaving us to wonder what changed between the Monaco ePrix in season three and the start of season four.

Despite switching teams for Formula E’s fourth season, Piquet Jr. admitted that he didn’t leave because he felt that NIO could not offer him the chance to fight for wins and podiums in the following season.

“Sometimes you just have to make tough decisions,” stated Piquet Jr. “NIO was doing a lot of positive work at that time and I was sure that they could have a chance of winning races or just being more competitive than they were in season three.

“Then an opportunity came up to work with Jaguar which is a great manufacturer and I decided to take it. It was a hard decision, and it doesn’t always mean that you will be making the right decision. I felt that at some point in your life you have to make decisions in life where you see something a bit more long-term and I saw that with Jaguar.

“I think 12 months on, I have made the right decision because I am fighting for podiums and race wins like I said I would be doing in season four, but it just turned out to be with a different team. However, I’m still not been that satisfied because yes we are fighting and the season has been fine so far, but we haven’t won races and I won’t be satisfied until we start winning races,” added Piquet Jr.

Piquet Jr. has yet to stand on the podium this season in Formula E, but he has finished fourth twice this campaign and will be looking at securing that first podium in the remaining four races of the season.

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