Zurich removed from the season five calendar

Zurich has been dropped from the Formula E calendar for season five after a clash with another event set to take place in the city. 

Formula E is keen to keep Switzerland on the calendar as the country’s capital Bern is being considered as a replacement for the 9th June slot.

The other event happening at the same time as the proposed Zurich eprix was the Zuri-Fascht. A statement on the Zurich government website explained that an “additional major event would be too great a burden for the population”, with the Zuri-Fascht using many of the same streets and areas as FE’s Zurich Street Circuit in the city’s Enge district.

The Zuri-Fascht festival runs every three years and will take place at the beginning of July in 2019, just a few weeks after the Zurich Pride Festival.

The city has not ruled out the possibility of the series returning for the 2020 season, as negotiations between the city and Formula E have already started.




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