Mahindra aiming to be a major electric manufacturer

Mahindra is hopeful that the can take the fight to major manufacturers in the electric car market by aiming to branch out to Europe and North America.

Currently, Mahindra is mainly selling cars in India. However, being part of the Formula E Championship is their strategy of making a stronger foothold in Europe and North America with a new range of electric cars.

With Formula E being the only major fully electric championship, Mahindra sees this as an opportunity to further their Research and Development in electric cars. Team Principal Dilbagh Gill knows that their team’s success in the championship will have an impact on whether or not Mahindra can expand their market share across the globe.

“Our ambition is to move Mahindra into Europe and America,” stated Dilbagh Gill. “However, it might not be a Mahindra car per say at this stage we don’t know. In Rome, we announced a partnership with Pininfarina which is coming out with its high-end electric cars, which will be on the road in less than 24 months. That is one way of introducing the Mahindra brand into the worldwide markets

“We also have certain plans to bring Mahindra as a car brand across into Europe and America, but this could take a long time to do and I don’t know which one we will go with yet.”

Gill admitted that he is “proud” of what his team has achieved over the last24 months and knows that the championship is only going to get tougher with BMW, Porsche and Mercedes joining the series.

However, Gill is confident that Mahindra can put up a fight with those manufacturers, and prove that Mahindra electric vehicles can compete with well-known manufacturers

“I am proud that the work we are doing in this championship could have an effect on our car sales in the future. We all know that championships like this are key to selling cars. Look at Mercedes and Ferrari in Formula One. When you are winning more people will buy your cars as they see them as the best. If we can do something similar in the championship, that would be amazing,” concluded Gill.

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