Season five will be a new challenge: Turvey


British racer Oliver Turvey is expecting the season five races to completely different from what we’re used to in Formula E 

The NIO driver who enters his third full season with the Chinese team expects the new “hyperboost” system to create new strategic options that will encourage overtaking.

“I think what Formula E is doing is extremely impressive,” stated Turvey. “We’ve seen how the championship is willing to do new things and new formats, and it’s really exciting to have these different formats, we want exciting races and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have that even without the pitstop. 

“The different power modes will allow different overtaking and we already see overtaking in Formula E, I think it’s just an exciting time to be part of the championship. It’s growing massively each season, and I’m really proud to be racing in Formula E.”

Turvey will enter the 2018/2019 season with a new teammate in Tom Dillmann, but despite having three seasons under his belt the 31-year old does not see himself as the team leader.

“I think the treats are both equal, I’ve been with the team now three and a bit years. Both of us will want to achieve the best results for the team and to be able to push each other so I think working together, being able to push each other to push the team forwards is only beneficial for both of us.” 

NIO has been known to be a team that has struggled with its energy management, but Turvey is confident that the team has made progress in that department for season five.

“We made a real step forward last year in the races, the package improved, which is why we were able to have some strong races. I think this season, as I say, it’s a new car, new format, so it’s about really getting on top of the car and the format as quickly as possible will be important, and the competition is very tough. 

“There’s some big manufactures, big teams, a very high level of drivers in the championship so it’s not gonna be easy, but I think if we can keep doing the job we are doing, keep improving, keep qualifying well, I think we can definitely challenge for podiums and hopefully a race victory,” concluded Turvey. 



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