5 drivers to get Fanboost


The FIA has announced that five drivers will receive Fanboost during the 2018/2019 season of the Formula E Championship. 

In the first four seasons of the championship, the top three drivers in fanboost vote received the extra 25 kW power boost.

The five drivers who win the social media-driven fanboost vote will be able to use the extra power from the 22nd minute of each race, which will last 45-minutes plus one lap.

The FIA finalised the rules of the electric series at a meeting of the World Motorsport Council WMSC in St. Petersburg which also revealed extra information on the new attack mode.

Teams will also be alerted on the new attack mode duration and minimum usage an hour before the race starts, in an attempt to stop teams from finding the optimum time to use the system.

An FIA statement explained that the system “will be determined at each race by the FIA, according to the special features of the circuits, one hour before the start at the latest.”

The new attack mode raises a driver’s power level from 200kW to 225kW once they have travelled through an off-line activation zone.

It is intended to increase strategy and overtaking options in FE, as the championship moves to a single car per race after dropping the car swap for season five.

A driver will have up until 8 seconds to use the extra power boost to overtake their rival, but activation time could vary between each circuit.

It will be mandatory for the drivers to go through the activation zone at least twice during an ePrix.


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