Drivers want more power from Attack Mode

Attack mode

Formula E drivers are hoping that the power output of Attack Mode will be increased for season six to improve its output as a strategic element of the race.  

Currently, Attack Mode increases the power by 25kW from the race mode of 200kw, giving the driver 225kW of power which they can use to twice to try and pass the driver in front or defend.

However, drivers like Felipe Massa say that 225kW is not enough at some tracks to pass the driver in front. Instead, the Brazilian would prefer a higher power usage but have a bigger penalty for using Attack Mode.

“If we have 240kW or 250kW, but we lose more time activating it. So, if we know we will lose two or three seconds activating it, but we get much more power, then we will be able to use it more strategically and should make it more interesting,” said Massa. 

Stoffel Vandoorne also felt that attack mode could be tweaked to make the strategy more interesting but at the same time felt that finding the right balance could be difficult.

At the moment people seem to use attack mode to defend, but if you increase the power maybe people can use it to attack, but thinking about it people would still use it to defend even if they have a higher power output. I think, if you change it the teams will think of a way to best utilise it,” said Vandoorne.

Lucas Di Grassi felt that if you gave the drivers more power than there is a lower chance that teams will use attack mode to just “get it over with” instead they will use attack mode to actually attack.

“We see teams waste an attack mode activation behind the safety car because you will not lose any time in doing it. Therefore, if we have more power the teams won’t waste that stuck behind a safety car,” said the season four champion.


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