Paris was Frijns’ hardest race win of his career

Robin Frijns took his maiden victory in Paris and labelled the race as the most “difficult race” he had ever done. 

The Envision Virgin driver became the eighth driver in eight races to take a victory, after overcoming a hail storm during the race with a damaged front wing.

“After such a difficult race, the most difficult race I have ever done. It feels like a relief to finish,” said Frijns. “It is but also a relief that I finally have my first victory.”

Before the wet weather emerged, Frijns took a small knock to his front-wring after colliding with the race-leader at the time Sebastian Buemi in his Nissan e.Dams.

The contact occurred as Buemi swung in late to activate his Attack Mode. Frijns causing the Dutchmen’s front-wing damaged and Buemi’s slow puncture.

“I closed the gap quickly so he was under pressure and he did a small mistake in turn nine – he went a bit wide – so I put my nose inside and then, if you put attack mode on the inside after a corner you don’t know when he’s going to go in,” Robin began, detailing the incident.

“Because, I was there and I saw it too late that he went for Attack Mode so I hit the brakes to try to avoid him, but I couldn’t anymore. And, it’s just unfortunate.”

Despite the heavy rain, Frijns was happy with the all-weather Michelin tire, as the 27-year old felt the tire gave good grip for the conditions, but Frijns believes the cold outside temperatures affected the tires more than the weather.

“I think, in general, our tires never have too much grip. You will always want more, but it’s just the track conditions.

“In Hong Kong, it was also really wet at one point, there we still had a decent amount of grip. But here it seems that maybe because of the track temperature or the outside temperature is quite low, the tires didn’t really have a lot of grip. Everybody was in the same boat.”

Frijns now leads the drivers’ championship with 81 points going into the final five races of the season.

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