NIO moving in the right direction: Dillmann


NIO driver Tom Dillmann, felt the Chinese team have made a step in the right direction after showing an improved pace in the Paris E-Prix. 

The Frenchmen qualified ninth-fastest in Paris which was the teams best qualifying performance of season five so far.  Dillmann finally felt that he had the weapons to actually fight for points in Paris and is hopeful that this can be a trend for the rest of the season.

“It was a strong day today, our strongest all season,” said Dillmann. “It was good to qualify in ninth, which was our best performance so far this season. So it was a very positive day. 

“It was the first time this year I felt I actually had the weapons to fight at the front, and we were actually quite quick in the race. I had the fastest lap in the race before it rained. 

“I was feeling very strong in the race, and I could even save energy while following the cars in front, so I was happy to finally have the car that was able to fight the others around me. 

Dillmann put the change in performance down to the team working on the car’s software to try and find some time that they have been lacking compared to to the others this season.

“We have found some gains in the software, and I think we had a really good setup for Paris. The car was balanced which gave me more confidence to push than usual.

“Software-wise we made some good progress with the car in terms of braking and I think it helped that I raced here last season, as in Rome I didn’t know the track. We still have a long way to go to fight for podiums, but we are moving in the right direction.”

Dillmann’s race came to an early end after he hit the wall at Turn 4, but the 30-year-old explained that he was hit earlier in the race by Edoardo Mortara, which caused suspension damage which caused him to hit the wall.

“Sadly, I got hit by Mortara and I had to let my team-mate through, then something in my suspension broke and that caused me to hit the wall, which was a shame because the race was going well up until that point. 


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