Lucas Di Grassi was surprised by the race pace of his Audi as he secured victory in Berlin with a commanding drive. 

The Brazilian – who started third-  aim before the race was to score essential championship points.

However, once the race started, he soon realised he had the pace to overtake and take the victory.

“Strategy was to score good points before the race,” stated Di Grassi. ” I didn’t know we would have such a great car, but at the beginning of the race, I realised I could overtake Stoffel on the inside and then I was a bit quicker than Seb (Buemi) as well.

“I managed to be more aggressive at the beginning and tried to save more energy later.”

However, the Tempelhof circuit is one of the toughest on the calendar concerning energy management. Di Grassi admitted he found saving energy while trying to create a lead was challenging.

“It was quite tricky to try and stay at the energy target and driving at the same time, try to open a gap from Seb (Buemi) and try to save energy so was really fined tuned and close to the wall.”

“In Formula E any small mistake, if you touch the wall you are out, so at any point, I could’ve lost the race and if I go too slow then Seb (Buemi) would catch up. So it’s always that tricky part, how close do you go and how quick do you try to go.”

The Audi driver was happy to take the victory in Germany giving his team back to back home victories in Berlin.

“The race was very good, amazing race today in front of the crowd, really really cool to be winning the home race of Audi, so very very happy.”