Paffett hopes positives from Berlin can continue

HWA driver Gary Paffett is hopeful that he takes the positives from qualifying into the final three races of the season. 

The Brit made it through to Superpole and qualified fourth alongside team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne who qualified in second.

Paffett thinks the team have been improving in recent races to get the pace they want and this weekend they managed to put all the different factors together in qualifying.

“I think we’ve been close in the last few races,” said Paffett we’ve been getting closer and closer to understanding what kind of car balance we need and tyre preparations for qualifying.

“I think this weekend we kind of put everything together, we got the tyres to a good window for qualifying and the car setup was pretty good, not perfect but pretty good, and I managed to get a lap together.”

After a successful qualifying, Paffett hopes this will help to propel the team in the right direction heading into the remaining rounds of the season.

Hopefully we are at a better platform now, we kind of know more about what we need to do for qualifying and hopefully we can continue this trend going forward.”

Although HWA had the pace in qualifying, it proved a challenge to continue it into the race, and something Paffett says still needs to be improved.

“I think it’s challenging for us to fight with the guys right at the very front, in some areas we don’t really have their pace, so we still have some investigating to do and maybe some work to do in those areas.”

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