Berlin to get a new layout in season six

Berlin will receive a new layout for season six at the Tempelhof airport. 

The Tempelhof airport has featured in every season apart from season two when the Berlin E-Prix was hosted on Karl-Marx-Allee near Alexanderplatz.

In those four seasons, the layout at the Tempelhof airport has changed. There was a major change between season one and three and a slight alteration of turn six from season four to five.

However, according to German website, Berlin is now set for a complete overhaul in season six, which Mitch Evans was hoping for when the German website spoke to the Kiwi.

“I think with the space available they could design a better circuit and in my opinion, the track is just a bit too dull at the moment,” Evans told

“I think Sector 1 is not bad, but Sectors 2 and 3 they should change, they are the long straights and then just the tight hairpin bend, I think they are could make it a bit crazier.”

The New Zealander, who is expected to compete for Jaguar next year, would bring in a bit more flavour through more creative curves:

“There are many things you can do, such as installing a chicane or 90-degree bends, or something This could make it a bit more exciting.”

The Berlin E-Prix is ​​expected to be held in May 2020, when the calendar is released on Friday.

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