DS Techeetah unveil DS E-TENSE FE20 livery for Season Six

Reigning champions DS Techeetah have unveiled their DS E-TENSE FE20 livery for season six. 

The instantly recognisable gold and black of the team remains front and centre of the design. The colour combination has been spread across the car enhancing the boldness of the car. 

The team are celebrating their world championship victories through the livery this year. Jean-Eric Vergne’s car will be sporting two gold stars representing both of his driver titles. Whilst both cars will have two laurel wreaths to celebrate two team titles. 

Although the look of the car will be familiar, the technology within the car is new and has been developed further from successful elements of previous winning technology. 

Xavier Mestelan Pinon, DS Performance Director explained how the team has drawn upon previous experience to develop the car for season six.

“The team has used the experience that allowed us to win both titles to further develop the potential of the car. Our engineers have optimized most of the elements by further developing our winning concept rather than completely rethinking the car. The engine, the inverter and the transfer case have evolved, but the deeper changes are in the heart of the embedded systems.”

He added that he hopes the developments and research will continue the teams winning ways. 

“All this ambitious research and development work aims to offer the drivers a car that allows them to fight to win and defend both titles in the coming season that starts on 22 November in Riyadh.”

A key element of the livery is to celebrate the titles the team has already won whilst competing for more success in the series. 

Keith Smout, Chief Commercial Officer said “The DS E-TENSE FE20 is a design evolution from our championship winning car. We wanted to stay true to our past and continue to celebrate and honour our success by keeping the now iconic gold and black livery whilst fighting for more titles.”

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