D’Ambrosio hoping for exciting Mexico City E-Prix

Jerome D’Ambrosio has expressed that he believes that the new track layout of the Mexico City E-Prix should provide exciting racing.

The new layout will see drivers competing around a 2.606km circuit which will not consist of a chicane at the final corner at the famous Peraltada corner.

However, the Belgian driver did think that the removal of that final chicane may cause a big challenge for the drivers in terms of energy management.

“It’s great; it’s going to be exciting. I like the new layout. There is no chicane in the last corner, which is going to be tricky for us, as it will be a long time for us between regen spots. 

“Therefore,  we’re increasing the straight-line coasting, and that’s a perfect tool to promote overtaking in the championship. Battery temperature shouldn’t be an issue in Mexico. Still, it will be a different story for tyres because this track is quite hard on tyres, but we are focusing on maximising our race preparation so we can put it all together when we get onto the track.”

“I think it is a good thing for the show, it will provide more of an overtaking opportunity into turn one, but at the same time it’s going to be tricky so let’s see.”

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