Formula E is looking at a number of ways to replace the postponed races the series has lost due to coronavirus, and one proposal is to finish the season in August instead of July. 

COVID-19 has claimed five races of a 14 race calendar, with Sanya, Rome, Paris, Seoul and Jakarta being postponed due to the outbreak.

Formula E Zone has learnt that the series is looking into the potential of finding new cities to host an event that could run in August or even earlier.

Formula E is also looking into making Berlin, and New York doubleheaders to make up for some of the lost races.

However, the series is unlikely to rearrange the postponed E-Prix’s as that may cause the season to run into September, which the Formula E does not want.

If Formula E ran into September, they believe it will impact the teams heavily on their preparation for season seven. Also, the Official Valencia Pre-Season Test is currently scheduled to take place the week of 12-16 October. Therefore, running into September will affect the teams’ preparation times of their new cars.

Teams are also now in the stage of booking tracks to test their season seven cars, which will take place in September, which is also another reason why the series does not want to stretch into autumn months.