rFactor 2 set to release a new Formula E DLC

rFactor 2 is set to release a new Formula E DLC which will be used in  Formula E’s Race at Home Challenge. 

The DLC is expected to be released on Friday, but if it is not ready it will be delayed a further week. If the DLC is delayed then the fifth round of the Race At Home Challenge will take place at the Formula E test track, otherwise known as Electric Docks.

Formula E told the sim racers that new content will be available soon and asked them to provide their Steam account so they could get access to the new content as soon as it is released.

“We have plans to race on a new track as soon as it is available,” said Formula E.  “In the instance that we can get something working, we would like to support as many of you as possible in getting access to this content. Priority will be going to individuals who are expecting to race this weekend.”

The content of the DLC was not made clear if it would be another official Formula E track that will be added to the game alongside Hong Kong and Monaco, but it cannot be ruled out that another fictional track like Electric Docks could be added.

Also, it was not made clear about how many tracks will be in the DLC, but early indications suggest it will only be one track.

An announcement about where the fifth round of the ABB Race at Home Challenge is expected on Friday.

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