The inaugural W Series champion Jamie Chadwick said that driving a Formula E car is a very different experience to other forms of single seaters, in an interview for the Formula E Zone May magazine.

Chadwick has taken part in the three Formula E rookie tests over the past few seasons, including the Marrakesh run earlier this year with Jaguar.

While the 22-year-old has plenty of experience in Formula 3 and GT cars, she said that Formula E was a different discipline and a really interesting set of skills to develop.

“It was fantastic and a very different discipline, but fortunately having had a couple of tests under my belt, it gave me a bit more experience and knowledge of the car that I could be taken to the test,” she told Formula E Zone.

It’s got four wheels, a steering wheel and pedals so there are those similarities, but to be honest, they are very, very different. The main thing is the power delivery, being electric it is all instant, but for a qualifying lap you drive it similarly to how you would drive a normal race car, but then on a race run it’s very much about energy saving. So it’s a very different way of driving.

“There are lots of things about it which I really enjoyed, but it’s very different. There are so many differences, constant variables, especially with all the different tracks that they go to mainly being street tracks. I think the main thing is just constantly being able to adapt, it is never the same twice and you constantly have to be able to adapt and change your style to suit what the car is doing on that day at that certain time. It is a really interesting set of skills to be able to jump into something new and be competitive.”

Chadwick was also very impressed with the operations at Jaguar, who have Mitch Evans sat second in the driver standings and are currently third in the teams standings.

That was obviously an amazing thing to be able to get the opportunity with a team with proven race winning credibility,” she added.

It was quite cool because you can see why they’re doing well, the infrastructure and the people that they have behind the team. I was impressed straightaway. Even though I was obviously shadowing them over the weekend, in Marrakesh where relatively speaking, they had a bad weekend given their potential with qualifying not going to plan. But the way that they dealt with that and came back in the race, I think says a lot about the team. So that was really impressive.”

Unfortunately for Chadwick it was announced on Thursday that the 2020 W Series season had been cancelled due to the impact of the coronavirus, although she will continue in her role as a development driver with Williams Formula 1 team.