The right decision to just race in Berlin: Nyck De Vries

Mercedes Formula E driver Nyck De Vries felt Formula E made the correct decision to race in Berlin, rather than racing on permanent circuits to close out the season. 

Over the past couple of months, before Formula E decided to have six races around the Berlin Templehof airport, a number of ideas on how to close out the season were pitched to the teams.

One of the main ideas included racing on actual circuits, such as the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia and at the Algarve circuit in Portugal, rather than in the city centres.

But De Vries felt that if Formula E were to race on purpose-built tracks, it would be going against the DNA of the series, and invite unwanted comparisons between the all-electric series and other racing categories that use that track.

“I totally agree with racing in Berlin for six races rather than travelling to real circuits,” stated De Vries.  “I support it because it’s part of Formula E’s DNA and Berlin has been on the calendar every season so it’s great that we can race there.

“I did not like the idea of going to actual circuits as the cars are not built for that, and then you will get people comparing Formula E to other series like Formula 1. You can’t compare the two, and that is why it is important for us and for the series values to keep the differentiation clear between Formula E and other racing series. 

“Berlin allows us to keep racing at temporary tracks. Hopefully, they will succeed in changing the layout a little bit to keep it interesting because it will get boring if we race around the same circuit all the time.” 

The six Berlin races will take place over nine days from August 5th to August 13th.

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