The championship could be decided on emotions: Sims

BMW i Andretti driver Alexander Sims feels this season’s championship could be won by the driver who is least affected by a bad result, as all the teams and drivers prepare for six races in nine days at Berlin’s Tempelhof airport. 

The Brit is currently 21 points behind Antonio Felix Da Costa in the drivers’ championship and is aware that the emotions of the driver could play a huge role in deciding the championship, as the drivers will not have long to digest a poor result.

“We’re going to see big swings in the championship situation in a very short period of time,” said Sims. “I think it will be important to keep emotions in check and not get too carried away, as it could play a key role in deciding the championship.”

“At the end of the day, it’s much of the same in terms of the races themselves, but we know how unpredictable Formula E races can be. We were pretty sensible in Berlin last season, and hopefully we can create a good pace like we’ve had during the season so far. We’ll just go out there to do the best job we can, focusing on getting the basics right and having good races, then we’ll see where we’re at points wise at the end of it all.”

The 32-year-old also expects the change of layouts will throw a major curveball in deciding the championship, as the teams may not get details of what the new tracks are before they fly to Berlin, which means the new layouts will be a venture into the unknown for every team.

“There will be different circuit configurations, but we don’t know to what extent that will be as yet or if we will see them before we go to Berlin. That may just be a few corners or could be significant changes, so that will be interesting to see.” 

Sims also believe as the week progresses group qualifying may play less of a role in mixing up the grid, as the surface will have rubber laid down on it from previous events, which could make it easier for drivers in group one to make it into Superpole.

“I think there’s a chance that at least part of the circuit will remain, so that would leave a clean and ‘rubbered in’ section of track. With that, the penalty of being in Group 1 for qualifying could lessen as the week goes on. Qualifying for the third, fourth, fifth and sixth races may not be so compromised for those higher up in the championship, which would differ to most Formula E events.”

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