Vandoorne hopes new track layouts will add unpredictability to races

Mercedes driver Stoffel Vandoorne reveals that he would prefer not to see the new track layouts for the Berlin races in advance, with the hope it will add to the already unpredictable nature of racing in Formula E.  

Formula E announced that it would conclude the season in Berlin with three doubleheader events across nine days, as well as having different layouts for each pair of races.

Having the layouts revealed just before the first event on August 5th will stop the teams and drivers preparing for the race on their simulators, which will enable them to find out the best areas to regen energy into there batteries.

Vandoorne would prefer Formula E not to show the teams the new track layouts in advance, as it will make the races a lot more unpredictable.

“I don’t know if they will tell us what they are going to do with the circuit layouts.” said Vandoorne.” I’m kind of hoping they don’t tell you, because again it adds a bit of unpredictability to those races and it gives people fewer opportunities to prepare for the race.”

“It comes down to how you deal with certain circumstances at the very last minute, so I kind of hope they don’t give any early information, let’s say they give it quite late, so it just mixes up the grid a little bit between the races.”

The 28-year-old is currently sixth in the drivers’ championship with two podium finishes so far this season from the opening races in Diriyah.

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