Studio 397- the developers of rFactor 2 – are upgrading their Formula E content by bringing Attack Mode into the game and releasing a brand new laser scanned track. 

The game currently has all of the 2019-2020 cars in the game as well the Monaco, Hong Kong, New York, and Berlin tracks for players to drive on. But this content does not come with the base game, as it is a DLC that can only be purchased from the steam store.

“We’re excited to bring more updates for our Formula E content, after the successful ‘Race At Home’ series by Formula E,” said a Studio 397 statement.

“We are working on a number of improvements to make the racing more realistic, including physics updates, and for online activity the “Attack Mode”.

“Triggered by you driving over a certain section of the track, Attack Mode gives you slightly more power for a limited amount of time. This promotes more exciting races as well as an extra tactical element and we applaud Formula E for pioneering such features in their series!

“Also we are excited to announce that we are producing another stunning Formula E laser scanned circuit soon.”

Formula E are looking to create another Race At Home Challenge-style event during the off-season utilising rFactor 2’s new features, but Formula E Zone understands that in the wake of the controversy which led to Daniel Abt being sacked by Audi after getting professional sim-racer Lorenz Hoerzing to drive in his place, it’s uncertain whether the participation of all the current Formula E drivers in the event will continue to be mandatory.