Alexander Sims is hopeful that the teams give Formula E’s qualifying system another try going into season seven. 

The majority of Formula E teams are asking Formula E to come up a new qualifying format as they feel the current group stage format is not fair on the leading manufactures.

Sims does not want to see Formula E introduce a new qualifying format that just sees the fastest man take pole at every race weekend, so he would prefer to stick with the current format.

“I definitely wouldn’t want to go to a format where the fast guy can always get qualifying pole and lead from the front and have an easy race.,” said Sims. “It doesn’t make for a good end product and entertaining sport, so I think looking at it from an outsider’s point of view and looking at Formula E as an entertainment product its good for what we need it to do.”

“I understand that the current format is a bit divisive for those who do well in the early rounds it does make it quite difficult to have some consistency in your results.

 “It’s one of those systems when its working for you its great and when its working against you it’s the worst thing ever but I certainly had the situation last year a few times where I was in group 3 for quite a few races and then it feels like going into qualifying each time that you’ve got a very good shot at super pole.

Sims believes the qualifying format make it an ‘uphill task’ to get his car into the top ten but thinks the system does ‘exactly what it’s intended to do’.

 “This season I was in group one most of the season and you’re aware that it’s going to be an uphill task to be in the top ten. I kind of think it does exactly what its intended to do and works very well in keeping the championship very open giving lots of different people chances to get good results.

“When you qualify well the race is still a single-seater championship in that respect. It’s like any other where you qualify higher up the front and its far easier to stay at the front then it is to work your way through, and it keeps the championship interesting.”