Formula E has announced that it has become a minority shareholder in Extreme E – the radical new off-road motorsport which will see electric SUVs competing in remote ecosystems around the world.

The partnership demonstrates an extension of Formula E’s commitment to developing electric vehicles and sustainable mobility technologies, including now through Extreme E, which is set to trial electric SUVs in some of the most testing off-road conditions in the world.

The two sports are united in their founding purpose, which is to counteract Climate Change by accelerating the use of electric vehicles. This partnership also demonstrates a testament to Formula E’s commitment to develop sustainable mobility techniques with the link up to Extreme E.

Speaking on the new partnership, Chief Executive Officer of Formula E, Jamie Reigle said,

“Formula E and Extreme E stand out as sports founded with purpose. As we both race for better futures, a strategic partnership with Extreme E is a natural progression for Formula E. We are joining forces in our fight against climate change, while each continuing on our independent and complementary sporting paths. It’s an honour for me to be invited to join Extreme E’s Board of Directors and I’m committed to delivering the greatest impact for both businesses as we light up the world with the transformative power of electric racing.”

Also speaking on the new partnership was Alejandro Agag, Founder and chairman of Formula E and now Chief Exec Officer of Extreme E, Agag stated:

“It has always been my intention to have Formula E and Extreme E working closely together, spreading the message of electrification, environment and equality. The two series are very different but have a shared purpose as they fight alongside one another to counteract climate change. I’d like to welcome Jamie to the Board of Extreme E and look forward to continuing our work together, this time to capture the momentum and maximise the potential of Extreme E.”

Both the Organisations come together ahead of a momentous year with the debut of the 2020/21 AIB Formula E Championships in Santiago in January 2020 and the aforementioned debut of the Extreme E Series, the future is looking brighter and cleaner for electrical motorsport.

Full Extreme E Calendar

Desert X Prix: Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

20-21 March 2021

Ocean X Prix: Lac Rose, Senegal

29-30 May 2021

Arctic X Prix: Kangerlussusaq, Greenland

28-29 August 2021

Amazon X Prix: Para, Brazil

23-24 October 2021

Glacier X Prix: Patagonia, Argentina

11-12 December 2021