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Alex Lynn on Jaguar, Sustainability and Mahindra’s new powertrain

Alex Lynn (GBR), Mahindra Racing

Alex Lynn has been a presence in Formula E since 2016, when he first participated in Jaguar’s pre-season testing at Donington Park.

On Wednesday, Lynn was announced as a Mahindra driver; the first time since season four that he has secured a race seat for a full season.

Lynn was without a seat for the early stages of the 2019/20 season after being overlooked by Jaguar. However, he was called upon by Mahindra for the six races in Berlin, replacing the outgoing Pascal Wehrlein.

Now with his full-time move to Mahindra, Lynn wants to show the world how good of a driver he is.

“I really enjoyed my time in Berlin with Mahindra.” Explained the Englishman. “I think we got off to a great start and I’m looking to continue that and that from my side is where I would like to be going.”

Sustainability is something that Mahindra takes very seriously. They were the first Formula E team to receive FIA Three-Star Accreditation, and only the second motorsport team in the world to reach the feat.

Team-mate Alexander Sims has recently partnered with Non Plastic Beach to help reduce his disposable plastic use. Lynn believes sustainability is integral in being part of Formula E, and a principal that’s deeply integrated into the team.

“Sustainability is important to all of us here at Mahindra, as a company and also as a championship; it’s what we represent. It’s important that we portray the right message to all our fans and the wider world whilst still being exciting.”

“I think that’s what Formula E is generally trying to be, (that’s) certainly how I see it; an important way of making sustainability and electrification fun and exciting for people to be a part of. That’s something I enjoy trying to promote.”

For the 2020/21 season, Mahindra’s powertrain partner ZF Group will provide the electric driveline for the M7 Electro. Lynn has had experience working with a big manufacturer during his time at Jaguar, and feels like he is still working with a motorsport giant in ZF.

“From my side, it’s like working with a manufacturer. From that point of view, it feels like a manufacturer-backed team. Obviously, ZF is a powerhouse in terms of what they do in the industry. but also specifically in motor racing.”

“The development’s been one-on-one with each other and improving the powertrain as much as we can. At every single test day I’ve been to there’s always been an army of ZF engineers there also with our engineers, so it’s been really enjoyable to work alongside what is effectively our partner.”

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